Cantinho das Aromáticas Wins at The Great Taste Awards 2016

For the third year in a row the Cantinho das Aromáticas has won multiple awards in the prestigious international competition for food products, the Great Taste Awards 2016, the Olympics of food products.

Seven of our infusions were awarded prizes, for a total of eleven stars.  All four of our tisanes, Golden Conspiracy, House Special, Endless Love and Sweet But Mint, won 2 Stars each (out of a maximum of 3), and the Lemongrass Reserve Lot, Spearmint Reserve Lot and Cinnamon-Basil infusions all won 1 Star each.  The Lemongrass Reserve Lot has won this prize for the third year in a row, becoming the most prize-winning product in our range!

We competed against the best makers of tea, infusions and tisanes in the world. Cantinho das Aromáticas is one of the few competitors to produce a purely herbal infusion for which the plant material is grown, harvested, dried and packaged on their own farm.

You can’t imagine the incredible joy and satisfaction among all the team here at Cantinho das Aromáticas. For a business of our size, this is a truly Olympic achievement!!   

In the last 3 years we have won a total of 13 international awards and 11 national awards. Once more, our products are among the best on the planet.

All of the products are evaluated by at least three distinct panels, including food retailers, chefs, restaurant critics, food journalists and other specialists from the food industry.

In this competition all the tastings are blind. Only the product is evaluated. It is important to mention that the judges of the Great Taste awards do not judge the branding or packaging of the firm. They have access only to the product, concentrating on the flavour, quality, texture and looks of the product to make their judgement.

There is no better way to recognise our project and the on-going work of the team together with all the research, knowledge and sharing which we have carried out. We are a case study for the country and we are already a part of the recent history of Portuguese agriculture, because of our work with other farmers.

We have invested the greatest care in knowing and understanding the ecosystem and the agricultural techniques used, always with a holistic vision of the production of aromatic plants. The justification of this fact is supported by this enormous and constant international recognition. We are proudly one more team of Portuguese who love and are very good at what they do.

With renewed courage and the prestige of this win, we continue to work towards obtaining a prominent place among the best producers in the world for food products of the highest quality.  But above all, we really enjoy keeping you company there in your home, in the kitchen, at the dinner table, in a lovely morning infusion to wake you up, or at night, to give you pleasure and help you sleep.

Thank you to all who help us by enjoying our products.

The Cantinho das Aromáticas is an agricultural enterprise in the heart of the city of Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, which is dedicated to the production of culinary and medicinal herbs. Founded in 2002, it was the first of its kind in Portugal.

It is one of the few fully organic farms located in an urban area in all of western Europe. The farm’s eco-system brings together one of the largest private collections of aromatic, medicinal and culinary plants in the Iberian peninsula. Cantinho das Aromáticas regularly exports its products under its own label, and they are grown, harvested, dried and packaged at their farm in Vila Nova de Gaia.   

Certified Organic by Ecocert Portugal. Certified Kosher.

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The Great Taste Awards

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