Cantinho das Aromáticas Wins at The Great Taste Awards 2017

For the fourth year in a row the Cantinho das Aromáticas has won multiple awards in the prestigious international competition for food products, the Great Taste Awards 2017, the Olympics of food products.

Eight of our herbal teas and seasonings were awarded prizes, for a total of ten stars. 2 stars for the Endless Love herbal tea blend and the Lemongrass reserve lot, 1 star for the Lemon Thyme reserve lot, as well as for House Special and Sweet but Mint herbal tea blends, and for the first time, 1 star for our seasonings Portuguese Thyme, Pennyroyal and Marjoram.

We also won for the first time the prestigious Great Taste Producer label, attributed to companies that in the last 5 years have won the coveted stars in at least 3 of those years.

All of the products are evaluated by at least three distinct panels, including food retailers, chefs, restaurant critics, food journalists and other specialists from the food industry. 

In this competition all the tastings are blind. Only the product is evaluated. It is important to mention that the judges of the Great Taste awards do not judge the branding or packaging of the firm. They have access only to the product, concentrating on the flavour, quality, texture and looks of the product to make their judgement.

More than 600 years ago, Pedro and Inês de Castro lived in Quinta do Paço, in Canidelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, where some of the best herbal teas and seasonings in the world are produced today by Cantinho das Aromáticas.

When Catherine of Braganza married Charles II in 1662, she became Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland. Part of her personal belongings were tea and various aromatic plants and spices. One legend says that the shipping boxes, which carried part of her dowry, were marked with the phrase: “transporte de ervas aromáticas” (transport of aromatic herbs), later abbreviated to T.E.A. 

At the time tea was already consumed in England, essentially as a health tonic. The young queen democratized the infusions as drinks consumed socially. Drinking them regularly, for the simple pleasure, has become a habit.

More than 300 years after a Portuguese woman conquered the world, with a cup in her hand, we produce aromatic plants in the place where one of Portugal's most famous love stories took place.

Wonderful coincidences !!! We cultivate a soil where love is still fertile, Portuguese who ancestrally dictate trends around the world, the maximum glory in herbal teas, attributed by experts from the country where a Portuguese Queen has popularized them.

Coincidences or not, above all we have a great certainty: there is a huge nobility in the products we produce so passionately and a will to do well that crosses generations.

Many thanks to all who support us, consuming our products. 

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The Great Taste Awards 2017

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