An Introduction to the Cantinho

The Cantinho das Aromáticas is located on the coast of Northern Portugal between Vila Nova de Gaia and Oporto, very close to where the Douro River runs into the Atlantic, on a beautiful farm where Dom Pedro I, the eighth King of Portugal, lived in the 14th century.

The Cantinho began operations in 2002, as the first plant nursery in the country dedicated exclusively to the production of over 150 species of aromatic plants. In 2007, it began to produce and regularly export several tonnes of bulk aromatic plants, primarily destined for the organic cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The location of the production garden of the Cantinho das Aromáticas has climactic advantages, since the farm is located near the sea in a transition zone between the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates. This unique climate, together with the enormous care which we have put into the preparation of the soil, gives unique and unequalled character to our herbs. 

Another differentiating factor is the love and dedication that we give to our production from the seed to the final product! We have a profound understanding of all the plants which we produce, their favourite exposure, their watering needs, the best way to dry them and even the best temperature and timing to create the perfect infusion from each one. 

We also have a tea room and shop where our products are available every day for our visitors to taste. Here we have also organised many activities throughout the year to teach everything about aromatic plants. 

The production is entirely certified as Organically Produced and our plants show enormous evidence of quality, measurable in the total absence of pesticide residues, and the greater quantity of sugars and essential oils. These factors prompted us to launch the first phase of our own brand of herbal teas and condiments for the Portuguese market and today for export. 

With a team of several agronomists, we invest heavily in learning and research and on-going testing of new farming methods. We carry out innumerable experiments always striving for perfection and the cultivation of new ingredients, with the aim of perfecting our complex and holistic agricultural eco-system. 

Our production garden is surrounded by a diversity of animals of ancient Portuguese breeds, some of which are endangered, and which help us attain a higher standard of quality in equilibrium. The presence of these animals, together with the innumerable species of helpful insects, birds and reptiles, hedge-hogs and bats and even our dog, create the enormous cultural biodiversity of the Cantinho das Aromáticas. 

We believe that the promotion of biodiversity is a crucial condition for obtaining the unique quality of the marvellous plants that we produce, which is reflected subsequently in the immense pleasure which these products will produce for those who taste them.

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